VR Being an Astronaut



Discover Thomas Pesquet’s adventure in space in two 360° virtual reality 15 minutes films.

Follow the French astronaut and American Peggy Whitson from their training on Earth all the way to spacewalk thanks to the first virtual reality images ever shot in space.

Part 1:
At the NASA training centre in Houston (USA), experience the tests that prepare astronauts to travel into space. After the high G-force centrifuge, you will be plunged into the gigantic pool designed to simulate extravehicular exits.

Part 2:
Thomas Pesquet fulfils his childhood dream: he is about to take off for the International Space Station (ISS). Closely witness the Soyuz spacecraft’s take-off and arrival at the ISS. Thanks to the very first 360° virtual reality images shot in space, explore the station and admire outer space and Earth as seen from the Cupola, before undertaking a spacewalk in the interstellar void.